All the Texas Toast Jam Action by Cody Nutter

I knew going into Texas Toast this year that I wanted to catch the general vibes of the event and not worry so much about the clicked and dialed tricks themselves. Being here in Austin, there are dozens of photographers who specialize in BMX but one dude I’ve become good friends with, Cody Nutter, has an approach to photography I really admire. His work is far from ostentatious, he’s humble and has a great eye.

With all the other BMX blogs and news sites gathering imagery from the legends of BMX photography, I wanted to give Cody a bit of exposure. Upon opening this file, I was amazed at what he achieved without use of heavy lights or flashes. Even if you didn’t look at my Event Recap yesterday, take the time to check out Cody’s Guest Gallery.

If you like his work, follow his soon-to launch portfolio site here and his Rambling Leftovers here!

Be sure to read the captions on this one.

  • digging the shots from the covered park, always cool to see the crowd/context when someone is goin big. kinda reminds me of something i heard once in regards to creating unique images: if you are in a crowd and you see something awesome happening in front of you, don’t forget to look behind you…sometimes the best shot is the reaction not the action. nice set cody.

  • That shot of Hawk is so good. He’s mental.