Infographic – the United Bike Lanes of America Oct 3, 2012

Design information gurus, GOOD have just posted up this amazing infographic entitled the United Bike Lanes of America. We all know you don’t need a bike lane to ride your bike but tidbits of information like this make America seem to be relatively bike-friendly, even if it’s deceiving. See the whole infographic at GOOD.

  • Yeahaw

    Definitely jocking, it’d make a good poster, but for some reason I keep thinking book cover too, hehe.

  • Walas88

    Does the percentage of the circle filled in represent the percentage of TOTAL roads in the city that have bike lanes? or…?

    • No, just number of miles of lanes. It’s a very confusing visualization.

      New York is expressed as 100%, and the others are expressed as percentages based on that.

      City/NYC = % of fill

  • Guest

    Super cool graphic, but they chose pretty poor wording. There are definitely not “…thousands of miles of bike lanes connecting us from city to city and even coast to coast”. Those are just routes.