Fyxation: Win a Fyxation Eastside Track Oct 24, 2012

Check out details on how you can win a Fyxation Eastside Track bike here.

  • TimeLemon

    I don;t understand why you post blatant advertising shit like this. I mean, if it is a good ad, or a useful company, that is okay (and for the most part the content here is good). But this video is horrible. They spend mroe time focusing on the Cinelli then the bike they are trying to sell, whislt accompanied by shit music, badly set up or horrible looking bikes and the frame itself looks shite! /rant.

    • Cdavidson1988

       I think the shots are great.  Great production!  I don’t see where you say it focuses more on the cinelli?  The middle of the video its filled with sneak peaks of the Fyxation bike and the end it has the Fyxation bike in the middle. 

      On the contrary, i think it does need some more action to it, although i like seeing people mash on their bikes, i would like to see more action, other then just riding in a straight line.  overall good video though!

    • Cut me some slack.

    • iStone

      Start your own blog then. It’s not like he’s making the videos, he’s just posting what’s new out there. These posts are just substance to get our daily fix of bikes in. If you’re looking for conversation or quality bike talk, join one of the many forums. 

    • Robert

      Blogging doesn’t make money you know, ads do. Prolly has been posting original content for years and unlike another certain bike-related blog, only a really small percentage of posts is advertisement. Cut him some slack or simply don’t visit PiNP.

    • it’s an affordable, quality steel bike.  Not the flashiest but it will do the job.  It’s the kind of bike that gets more people to ride bikes.

  • kevin

    Man that dance was so awkward. 

  • tcharles

    sick shots. 

  • Luke

    haha saw these guys filming this. SB!

  • diehipsterdie

    seemed like for almost the first min was advertising the mash frame……

  • Sam

    Santa Barbara <3