#FF Power Hour 10 Oct 26, 2012

The long awaited 10th installment of the popular Fixie Factory Power Hour series is here.

  • diehipsterdie

    so its like a bmx edit just slower

  • ssnyc

    I’ll double whatever they’re paying you to post this stuff. 

  • PINP Quality index just plummeted.

  • Mathew

    Track I.D.?

  • banhammer

    Not all  videos have to be edits with only the best tech, lines, and bangs. FF is just buncha dudes chillin maxin relaxin. Have fun ride your bike stop complainin

    • diehipsterdie

       not complaining this stuff is just crap. i tried fixed freestyle, id rather shred on my 20′



  • Ishadam

    Lamer than an one and half leg dog!