Day 03 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot

Let me just preface this post by saying I wish I could show you more photos from the Giro New Road photo shoot. Even getting clearance for posting up these took a little bit of eye-batting and begging. But man, am I ever glad I got to share them.

Day 03 began as Ty, Jordan and I took off for the hills adjacent to our ranch. Super steep gravel climbs and windy singletrack was no challenge for Ty and Jordan as the sunlight broke through the trees. They just flowed through the rocky gravel as videographers and photographers tried to capture the essence of New Road. Later on, the afternoon was spent out on HWY 1 at the mouth of the Navarro River. Climbing up and down the hills, before grabbing lunch, and finally dinner.

Some of the photos shown here give you an idea of what Giro is going for in the New Road. But keep in mind, the details that make this line different from any other will be under wraps for now. Till then, enjoy these photos and don’t miss Ty’s crossie wall ride sequence!

  • Chris

    That is cool as hell that Jordan is ripping it up on his fat tire Porter! 

  • michael blackshaw

    wonder if dummy bmxpert is still gonna question the fence ride.  didn’t think that shot could be any better before I realized that it’s at a cemetery.  good stuff man.

    • Yeah when i noticed the cemetery… so perfect.

  • Caad666

    Riding in mendo!!

  • Those wallride shots are amazing! 

  • iStone

    Are they wearing the new line of clothing? Looks super comfy if so.

  • mephisto

    If those are riding shorts that are skin tight or MTB baggy they already have my business. Honestly thought, I didn’t even notice the clothes until the second time I looked at the series. Awesome photos and awesome looking products.

  • mephisto

    *aren’t skin tight

  • wallride shots are one of the best ever on this blog! just epic.

  • bms

    great shots. details on the black bike with those amazing looking red tires?

  • Davey

    what tires do you have Prolly? are they clinchys?

  • Guest

    Those shorts look amazing. They’ll be perfect for commuting.

  • adam

    this whole thing is rad! the only problem is the shorts are too long!

  • albert

    this crossie freestyle thing is really going somewhere

    • Remember when we bunny hopped shit on our track bikes? UH OHHHH

  • George

    shots like this remind me why i should make more time to ride…

  • Nate

    You lead a hard life. 

  • Ericwolforth

    Queenie’s was the best meal on my trips down the Coast! Great food & nice people. Love the sign inside that reads “The Queen is not accepting visitors” or something to that affect.