Danny Garcia’s Summer Sessions Oct 24, 2012

AJ sent me this earlier in the week and to my surprise it wasn’t the usual conspiracy theorist video or hollow Earth evidence. Filmed in just 6 weeks, Summer Sessions captures the essence of riding street and park in Austin, Texas and the surrounding cities. Really into this, Danny!

  • Clk64

    Sunny San Marcos! Don’t move here though, Austin in much cooler. great video

  • aj austin

    i dont believe in hollow earth, yet.

  • Thanks for sharing man!

  • daleaustin

    Way to make San Marcos look like a badass place to ride in. 

  • for what it’s worth, this is probably still my favorite fgfs video.  Mostly because I know so many people in it. (yes, jeff is running a shock fork on a fixed)  http://vimeo.com/5417654

  • zeeeeeeecore

    i love this edit!
    3:52 is pure awesomeness!