Cyclonesia: Cargo Cannondale Oct 1, 2012

Ippe’s Cannondale track might annoy the purists but having just put a basket on my Icarus, I can say that it’s awfully nice to not have to shlep around a backpack anymore. See more of this beauty at Cyclonesia.

  • Jason

    Would love to see the rack you put on your icarus

  • Riding with a backpack is almost as painful as transferring domains to a new registrar.  So glad that’s over.


    well, someone had to say it.

    • No. That shit is fucking idiotic.

      • well, I guess he could just get a frame that fits, instead of the hipster unicorn.

        • You are a regurgitator of misinformation. Slamming a stem isn’t about having a bike that fits, it’s about setting your bike up to race. Not everyone races, therefor, not everyone should slam their stem. Talk to any fit specialist.


      well, someone has to be uncomfortable

  • Oscar

    What rack is that?

    • Thought it was a Cetma, but I’m not 100%

      • Oscar

        It does differ a bit from the Cetma HALFrack.. hmm…

  • NYinSF

    That’s a Minoura rack. 

    Just a heads up, the bracket on mine failed after about 3 weeks. I was only carrying 7 lbs at the time. Fortunately, I wasn’t going very fast so I didn’t fly over the bars. 

    Replaced it with a beefier bracket and added a “safety” bracket attached to the fork. My thought is that if the main bracket fails, at least the whole thing won’t swing down into my path.  

    • b_drum

       It’s a Gamoh rack.

      • NYinSF

        Right, I think Minoura makes the Gamoh racks.  

    • Joshua Robot

      I have two Gamoh racks and have heard of this problem but am skeptical (but worried) that I’ll experience it. When installing the bracket did you bend it in a tight radius or do anything to fatigue it? Were there any hints that this was going to happen? Finally, where did you get the replacement bracket  I would rather be safe than sorry in this case.

    • Christopher Slack

      My Gamoh rack just failed this morning on my commute. All I had was a bike lock cable in the basket. I think the failure could be due in part to the amount of travel/flex that I have in my fork over bumps. The rack was mounted on a surly steamroller. It is definitely something to consider as a potential disaster! I was going ~25-30mph splitting cars down a hill in SF when the rack failed. I navigated to the side of the road as soon as I slowed down the rack slammed down in front of me and I bailed off the saddle staying on my feet. The rack was installed by a reputable LBS. Be weary!

  • autophile

    A basket on the Icarus? Let’s see it!

  • dude, the new titanium bars and rack on your icarus look sick. fuck back pain

  • Steve

    Fuck yeah racks on Cannondales….

  • Cyclonesian

    Thanks for the love, John…. *cheers

  • Bob

    Anyone know what fork that is?