CSK: When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real Oct 10, 2012

Finally! The CSK’s full-length video is out, featuring Tyler Johnson on BMX and FGFS, Chris Clappe, Kyle Fritz, Zach Hoffner, Jacob Ruff and Kareem Shehab. Blasting! There’s some HUGE shit in this one.

  • too good, they must be juicing

    • Juicing is legal in FGFS. 

  • aznpride


    • Chrisclappe

      its Cambodian Psych. my girlfriend showed it to me and I thought it would be cool in an edit.

      • colin

        its amazing. Best choice. everything was killer.

  • Rick Anderson

    this really is one of the best fixed gear edits ever. every trick ruled, you guys killed it. 

  • wolfdrawn

    This is the SICKEST web video that has been put out period! Everyones style is on point. Nothing boring, nothing predictable, no pegs, ALL fucking tight. I am so pumped on this it is stupid. Mad props tyler, chris, and specially jacob getting it in on this. CSK!!!!!!

    • agreed. I’ve watched it 10 times. Everything is so good.

  • Jdhhsept

    this coupled with the release of torey’s vid makes for an epic week of fgfs

  • Zak

    Not enough park footage or feeble bars…

    Keep FGFS mediocre! 

  • Jason

    1:30 is primo!