Chrome: Storm Cobra Oct 12, 2012

Chrome introduces their new outerwear model, the Storm Cobra by following none other than Steve around SF.

  • Sick Jacket. Crush it a Redhook Steve!

  • Steve we can believe in.

  • -gp


    kill it in italy steve!

  • Brian Vernor


  • Man, Steve makes this plastic bag of a jacket look good, but I had a chance to try it on and boy does this jacket disappoint.

    Fits way too small, so think of 1.5 sizes up (yes I know there’s not a half size, so chances are, it’ll be too small for you regardless). The sleeves are so tight I could barely get my hand through it; no joke. The material is a little better than Tyvek envelope material; no flex, no motion, seems like it might tear at any moment as I force my apparently giant hand through it.
    I really wanted this to be well done, but yeah it just sucks for $200.

  • Joe

    all chrome stuff is made in china now.

    •  im not a firm chrome believer by any means, but this is not true.

  • happy birthday steve