Cadence: The Rico CT is Back Oct 2, 2012

Yep. That’s right. Everyone’s favorite cycling sneakers are back! Scoop up a pair of the DVS X CA DNC- Rico CT Black and all over print here while they’re still in stock at Cadence.

  • Onion Swag

    I don’t understand. Can you get a complete pair of solid black and a complete pair of all over or do they only come in the mismatched version?

    • Did you read the copy?

      “Scoop up a pair of the DVS X CA DNC- Rico CT Black and
      all over print here ”

      Two separate pairs of shoes.

  • Yeahaw

    BOOM!!!! ALL of you can thank me for this.  When DVS/Cadence took notice of my marathon of posts for this shoe on here the other day, they were feeling it and so here we are today with the re-release of this glorious shoe.

    • Beer Farts

      Probably has to do with DVS’s release of their Fall line of shoes catalogue…

  • Max

    What, no hi-tops?  c’mon!

    • Beer Farts


  • crystalfellow

    I wanted to love the last version.  I did.  But the sole delaminated and flopped right off.  Hopefully they went for the sticky glue for this batch!  They were great to ride in while they lasted.  

    • Man, I never, ever had a problem and I still wear mine to mow the grass…

    • Christopher Plaskett

      Did you let DVS know? I had issues with a pair, and they were very gracious about replacing them. Their customer service is top notch.

      • crystalfellow

        I didn’t hassle DVS.  Got ’em on sale, wore ’em out fast, moved on.  A friend has 3 pairs, she loves them, no issues.  

        • crystalfellow

          …and love Cadence.  Hoodie, jeans, socks.  Just a bad experience with my left shoe.  

  • I have had three pairs of these shows. The first two pairs delaminated within a month, took a over month a piece to warranty, and the third pair have just been relegated as my work shoes here at the shop since just commuting in freestyle straps has torn up the delicate finish on the canvas uppers, and the outsole tape began peeling within a week. I seriously can not under-recommend these sneakers enough.