Brenton Salo: Blue Beauty Oct 22, 2012

Photo by Brenton Salo

The blues of this Cannondale track bike really compliment the Autumn vibes in the photo. Brenton, once again with the superb composition. Love this man.

  • Isanyoneoutthere69

    Photo set please! I neeeeed it….

  • iStone

    You said Suberp about a Cannondale Track. lol

    • iStone



  • TK

    Y u gotta use a negative rise stem with positive rise risers doe?

    • dan

      cause slam dat stem duh

  • Kylebracken

    All of these new styles for single gear bikes are really innovative. Keep it up.

  • Cxbra

    Im really feeling the original paint, classy bike.