Katie’s Rock Lobster Cross

This Rock Lobster was one of my favorite bikes at Interbike this year. As it sat, all alone in the Easton booth, I only hoped that its owner would be putting in miles on it. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across it shortly after arriving at our Ranch last week for the Giro New Road shoot. Owned by Katie, an employee at Giro, this aluminum Rock Lobster has a prototype Easton cross fork, Easton wheels and Easton post, stem. It’s freakingly-light and drop dead gorgeous. See more below.

  • Are those clinchers by any chance?

  • Bobby

    Love the polished BB7s with black knobs and hardware!

  • sup with that downtube logo?

  • So many black bikes, so little money in my wallet. That’s number four, at least, from that ride.  That’s a stunning set of photos, John.  The angled whole-bike shots are great.  The matte/gloss paint is killer.  On the fence about the white tape, though …

  • depth of field is spot on.  Bokeh for miles

  • Gonzo

    It sad that the cane creek logo of the lower headset’s cup is not centered :-(

    • Fash-Un-Police

      Go ride your bike and tell me if it actually matters.

      • Audreygiro

        I think he is commenting on aesthetics,detail beauty bike for competition thingy. If i were a judge on bike aesthetic comp,it matter. If i am an official/judge on tour de france, it matter if u take drugs or not… I mean the logo , yes the logo doesnot matter.

      • Gonzo

        LEL! look whos mad! Why use nice parts and install them goofily?
        BTW I rode my bike today. It was great :-)

    • AdamEldridge


  • What gearing does Katie have? The little ring does not look like a 36 but the combo looks nice.

    • Junkshow

      The Crank is a ‘normal’ compact (34/50) with an 11-28 cassette. Katie can climb trees with that 34-28 combo
      This bike is going to see most of its miles adventure riding and mountain biking with relatively few start lines and barriers.

      BTW: the solo bottle cage is mounted on the seattube rather than the downtube so the coffee doesn’t spill so much that way.

  • Cbeall25

    paul killed it with this one

  • Look like its perfectly balanced. :)

  • Mawipoyo

    I wish theres a photo of katie too. Heck i wish all bike featured has pics of their owner.pics, i mean bike+portraiture. give the article some added character man.mmmm imagining how fit n hot katie is……

    • I used to do that but so many owners don’t want to be featured on the blog. Especially since the last time I posted a girl, all these dudes talked shit on her. Fuck that headache.

      • of course, then there was the Ritte girls thread … geez …
        some guys just don’t know how to act right

        • iStone

          Do they even lift?

      • hans

         the people talking shit need to go on a bicycle ride then maybe they won’t talk shit anymore

  • Jack Lewis

    Why the crosschaining? :o

  • Just noticed the rotor on the last two photos appears to be missing a bit. Rad bike though, this thing’s setup to thrash!

  • ladyfleur

    Nice pics. Glad you took them before Katie hit the dirt. It didn’t look so pretty after our ride. I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but Katie did fly up the hills and carve the trails with grace on her amazing new steed.  We all call it her “magic bike.”

    As for the dude who wanted to know if Katie is hot and fit. Yes, she is. And if you weren’t such a dweeb I might have shared a hot photo of her shouldering her hot new bike at the top of a steep run-up with a satisfied smile spread across her face. 

  • Romain Mousset

    I like what Paul does , keep going , and not unaffordable for a custom made in USA