Jason Clary’s LOW

As I was backing up my photos from Interbike, I realized I never posted these. It’s a few photos I shot of Jason Clary’s new LOW track bike. He’s had the frame for a while but it’s good to see it built up. I’ve always liked the crazy custom paint and finishing schemes Andrew comes up with and this bike is no different.

  • i don’t think anyone does lo-pro better than LOW

    • Jason Clary

      The headless bikeman…

    • Andrew

      They don’t call me Low for nothing ;)
      Haha, thanks!

      • bob

        Would you reveal the exact yellow colour tone?

  • These Low bikes always look like a lot of fun. The paint on this is pretty sweet too. What’s the story with that beefy rear hub. i’m not too familiar with track builds.

  • Cockney

    Chubhub is one of the most ugliest things in earth

    • the way that fool rides easily justifies an over-engineered hub.  (shorter spokes = stronger wheel)


    what kind of drop bars are those?

  • Low’s pursuit LOOKS wicked sick, but probably so will my back after a few hours!

    • BaconBeercan

      Yeah, I love the paint jobs but they just look too uncomfortable for road riding. The Low Track Std. looks a little bit better IMO.

  • Kevin Chew

    Dang, what tan-sidewalled Vittoria is Clary riding in the rear??  I’d love a tan-sidewalled rear that can withstand skidding.

  • Bsplane

    Met Jason out at Dolores Park about a month ago and had the chance to see this bike in person….shit is CLEAN. Props on covering this one John.

  • W00t

    Bikes too big?

  • Deephousesoldier

    @facebook-16203819:disqus , the aggressive pursuit geometry doesn’t affect the owner. The owner only rides it 1-3 miles at a time doing grocery runs or trips down to the liquor store for blunt wraps. – Wilson

  • Negaatio

    I think it has too meny decals. It’s better with just one on the downtube. (like I have on mine, he he)

  • Blasius Brown

    Nice bike, ugyl hub

  • Tasteful Chap

    I proper hate CHUBS but it’s working for this build. I never thought I would say that. Hats off to another boss LOW.

  • Anton Driftwood


  • Rey-Cirrosis

    Esa low aterrorizó las calles de San Juan el fin de semana pasado fíjate2012