Fuzzy’s All City Nature Boy Cross

Bryan from Bicycle Revolutions in Philly has some of the most unique builds I’ve ever seen. The man is not afraid of a little color, to say the least. This limited edition All City Nature Boy Zona prototype with custom paint just kills it, so I had to give it some lens love. Check out more colorific photos below.

  • what size is that? looks superb…

    • harnessgnarness

      smaller than you think, fuzzys maybe like 5,7 

      • Fuzzy

         im 5’8″ thank you. every inch counts.
        its a 49cm NB Zona (prototype) I’m just in between sizes and I like the slightly smaller bike in the single speed for trail riding.
        I am riding the 52cm Macho Man, figuring im riding longer miles with the geared bike so i want it to fit more like my road bike. So my set up is different, but it ends up working out the same.

        • cool colors, that bike is dope

  • Have you ever thought of using a template for “Beautiful Bicycles” that answers all the questions you know people are going to ask?  Bike size, material, build list, etc?  Seems like it would be an easy list to pull together, and it would save having to answer the same questions on almost every single post…

    • Yes. I have. But I was really pressed for time making these posts. In the future, I’d love to make a template…

  • SP

    That there is one of my dream bikes, I’ll tell you what.

  • Paul

    nice geekho, err, all-city!  those (mtb?) tires look cushy and rad

    • Fuzzy

      Thanks, Marty and Brad were digging my sense of color when they rolled through town. Those are old Ritchey ZED 700×42’s, I haven’t been able to find more but I do love them.

  • Jeff

    Every time you use the phrase “lens love” I cringe up inside.  There’s something very gross about it John.

  • adam

    Something about that last photo is so good!

    • Fuzzy

      Straightening out my seat after it blew over in the wind. The hurricane was blowing into town as this photo shoot was happening.

  • great build! i just got all city’s mr pink and i’m loving it so far. zona tubing seems to make a decent difference in the weight. but regardless, all around it’s a very solid bike and the price is right.

  • the f man

    how is the single bold seatpost holding up? i’m allways kinds sectical about them on a cx bike

    • Fuzzy

      No problems with the crank bros post. It’s solid. I’ve not been so lucky with a different one I tried…

  • Sensational, loving this bike.

  • Tino

    What wheels and hubs are those? Looking real nice with all that color.

    • Pink Phil Wood to Mavic rims

      • souzakid

        what kind of spokes? jk

  • Irsellers

    i hear these size up a little large ,  any advice  for someone  6  1″ , 34 inside leg [email protected]