Eric’s Black Cat Disc Road

I’m back in Austin, after a completely incredible weekend of filming and photographing Giro’s new clothing line, New Road. One of the things that made this photo shoot different than a lot of previous ones were the people involved. There was an ex 7-Eleven racer, a magazine editor, the co-founder of kickstarter, a bike shop owner, a race organizer, myself and a few Giro employees.

One of those employees was Eric Richter, a key figure in Giro‘s helmet and cycling shoe division. Eric’s responsible for many of the rad new products that Giro has been pushing over the years, as well as their involvement in various events like the Red Hook Crit. I’ve gotten to know him from chatting at Interbike and other events but I really enjoyed getting to spend some saddle time with him on his new Black Cat disk road bike in the hills of NorCal.

Columbus MAX doesn’t make this the lightest bike ever but the bent stays, disc brakes, Dura Ace and Easton parts set this bike apart from any other MAX road bike I’ve seen. When Eric pulled this beauty out of his car, I had no idea what to even say. I was stunned. See for yourself below!

  • fatty fatty 2×4

    needs black hubs and a different crankset.

  • Chris

    Really awesome bike.  I read on the Black Cat site that this bike can take larger tires and has fender provisions.  So nice.

    • looks like it would do well as a cross bike too

  • Hurl Evertone

    Richter’s one of the sweetest cats I know. Figures he’d have the sickest bike. Proud to call him a friend. 

  • Dear Mr. Prolly,

    Thank you for your continued issuance of awesome bike photos.  I love the details, and the fact that you know how to properly set a bike up for a shoot.  Please know that some people do notice when things are done right.


    The internet.

  • invisible stick > side of house

  • Peter

    What kind of wheels are on that bike?

  • Deephousesoldier

    You lost me at, “When Eric pulled this beauty out of his car…”

    • So he’s supposed to ride 300 miles to hang out for 48 hours with us?

  • Joshua

    It is interesting that someone who works for giro, which is essentially the same company as easton, is riding with a thomson stem instead of one of the many easton offerings.  

    • Erichter

      I had the Thomson from long ago. They make nice stuff.
      I have several other bikes with Easton bar/stems and love ’em. No issue there. In this case I used the Thomson to confirm my position and Todd was kind enough to make me a custom steel unit that I’ve been too lame (busy) to install. Cheers, e

  • Wow.  You know how I feel about black bikes.
    I’m guessing that the Max blades are perfect for discs with the added stiffness.  And such a muscular profile.

  • too bad mechanical brakes . loses all it s value …

  • Those seatstays… So perfect.

  • recur

    Wouldn’t disc brakes & road wheels run the risk of locking up the wheels under hard breaking? 
    I’m just wondering because I’ve locked up the wheels on my disk brake 29er, but the knobby tires usually keep me from sliding.

    • Eric seemed ok on all our descents. I think people tend to think too much when it comes to discs. I personally don’t care for them but again, here it just works.

  • Jake Ricker

    So sick!!!
    Do you know if the rear is 130mm or 135mm?

    • Erichter


  • beaut. those tubulars? 

  • Tom Gadd

    Black cat is definitely one of the nicest custom builders out there, and I don’t think Todd gets enough love on the blogs. Big fan of this bike.

  • Awesome! This bike would be perfect with a Campy groupset, IMHO.