Chapman Cycles Townie

One of my favorite bikes at the Philly Bike Expo was this Chapman Cycles townie. At first glance, it may look like a pretty standard parts build but when you look closely, you’ll notice a lot of vintage parts in a dark black anodized finish. Brian Chapman really took his time with this one and it shows. The custom anodized Honjo fenders did it for me but don’t overlook all the frame details!

  • Jpsawyer23

    I love all of Brian Chapman’s work. They are all unique and beautiful. Much different and personal than stuff he was doing at Circle A. And plus he is a great guy.

    • Jpsawyer23

       I also believe this was the bike he built for his wife.

      • Kieran

        Actually, he built it for his brother (me).

    • Brian did the gnarl satin paint job on my Icarus two years ago. Went so far above and beyond to do a solid, clean, and quick job that I really couldn’t be any more happy with it. And Brian, if you see this, it’s not much more difficult to keep clean than a gloss coat :)

  • fatty fatty 2×4

    holy fuck those brakes are baller.

    • I believe the term is “balleur”

      • Having actually used a DA centrepull I can tell you that they certainly ain’t balleur. Sucked so bad, no wonder they were downgraded to Tourney quick smart.

        Now custom black ano MAFACs would be something.

        Edit: Just realised they’ve been modded with external springs and brazed on posts. This iteration probably doesn’t suck at all.

  • Joshua Robot

    Nice. . . I am guessing some of those parts (like the Dura-Ace brakes) were anodized for this build?

  • Matthew J

    Very nice.  Just had a 1X custom built but went with braze ons both sides with a decoration only shifter on the left side.

    The chapman pulls off the asymmetric look well.

  • Diogenes

    Love his bikes!

  • Pauly

    who is the manufacturer of these nice and clean brake lever?

    • Brian Chapman

      They’re just Tektros. I cut them down and reshaped them and then had them black anodized with everything else.