Brad’s Geekhouse Team Mudville Cross

If my Geekhouse Team Mudville was a little too subdued for your taste, maybe Brad’s team bike is more up your alley. Brad’s bike was the only one in the Geekhouse Philly Bike Expo stable but the bright purple powder attracted crowds all weekend.

This purple race machine has yet to see the mud but if you follow Geekhouse on Instagram (@GeekhouseBikes), you’ll see it covered next weekend. Til then, check out more photos below.

  • fatty fatty 2×4

    cooler than yours, bro.  i bet that shit STINGS.

    • Nah, gimme all black any day.

    • I love my bike, bro.

      • fatty fatty 2×4

        jk bro.  yours is pretty killer too.  im just a sucker for pastels.

        • iStone

          I bet you can’t wait for Easter, bro.

          • bro bro bro bro bunny

          • fatty fatty 2×4

            bro you dont even bro.  so bro.

  • who jizzed on the right end of the bars?

    • M Barnum09

      who notices that shit?

  • Andy Kappler

    Who makes those chainrings?  Sram?

    • iStone

      That’s the SRAM Force crankset.

    • Joshua Robot

      That outer chainring is a Thorne. I’ve used them in the past; they’re super strong (so you can use your chain ring to get over logs on a stupidly designed cyclocross course) and they shift okay but not great. 

  • #sramhotness

  • Aaron

    Stuff like this makes me start to think ‘cross is turning into a fashion contest, but I don’t mind seeing really awesome handmade bikes like this. I wish CX70 was a little prettier.

    • Josh

      Cry about it

  • Taylor

    I’ve seen a few drilled Thomson stems featured on here. I’m assuming Thomson would never endorse this use, but has there been any testing of them? Or, are they all just keeping their fingers crossed?

    • Joshua Robot

      I think people are just keeping their fingers crossed. The testing is easy to do but the theory is clear; introducing stress concentration factors will induce failure by fatigue if it doesn’t fail when loaded by doing rad shit like bunny hopping barriers like a boss. 

      So maybe the stem withstands getting rad for a season but then one day you’re buzzed heading to the bodega to pick up some Magnums and BAM! you’re swallowing your teeth because the aluminum hit it’s fatigue limit WITHOUT ANY OBSERVABLE WARNING.

      Yeah, I love B-Rad and this bike, but don’t ‘effing drill it. . . and if you must; don’t paint over the stem unless you have an x-ray machine to inspect the stem every day.

      My last gripe about this is that linear pull brakes work really well, so if you don’t like a hanger there are better options than turning your stem into a timebomb. Also, the longer you make the distance between the brake hanger and the brakes the more brake shudder will be a problem. 

      I just can’t think of any reason why drilling a stem is a good idea. . . but heck, we all bareback it sometimes, amIrite?

      – Robot

    • Reps seem to find it ok.

  • M Barnum09

    anyone have the weight on this?

  • Lovely bike. Couldn’t quite make it out, but what’s the wheelset here (hub/rims)? 

    • Velocity Major Toms to their road hubs

      • Ah, I now see the logo upside down. Thanks John.

  • Panalifeer

    Race light