About to #GoYonder

Today, before the sun is up, a small group of friends and I are going to embark on a 600k brevet-style ride out of Pittsburgh, over the Appalachian mountains and into DC. Loosely termed a “brovet”, this ride is part of a project that’s come to be called Go Yonder. I can’t say anything more than that but we’ll be posting photos on Instagram ( @JohnProlly @moi_is_moi @tytanium @no_ralphy @quesofrito @coelmaness @yonderjournal ) of all the randomness we encounter for the next 36 hours.

The Mudville will be my work horse and since we have no idea what to expect on the road, it’s set up with a SON hub, an Edelux lamp (mounted to a Cronometro Nob, via a R&M mount) and a Viscacha saddle bag by Revelate Designs. We’re all hobo-camping, probably only clocking in 2 hours of sleep, so I’ve got a bag liner, a tarp and a merino hoodie. Fingers crossed, loose legs and Scrapple!

See you on the other side of the mountains and check out more photos below.


  • Harry

    Bon Courage, monsieur Prolly

  • Gost

    Good luck.

  • Terry

    Hi, Prolly, when the aarn 144#47 Track Chainring will restore in your web store?

    • joserheo

       LOL let the man relax, and enjoy his ride.

  • That lamp hook up is so awesome.

  • Jimmy_otool

    Let your DC readers know if you head out for post ride whiskeys … 

  • iStone

    Why didn’t you have them add some rack mounts? 

  • TheInfamous

    Taking the GAP?  I can only imagine what the trail conditions are like today, with such crappy weather in PGH.  Good luck!

  • Sounds like an epic little journey, have fun! 

  • Scrivy

    What tires are you running?

    •  looks like challenge to me … probably the “grifo”

  • thebigkick

    I bet that bag rides better than a rear rack and panniers.  Better weight distribution.   I always hated rear panniers.

    • i gotta get me one of those

    • Carl Anderson

      Im definitly not a fan of rear panniers either, but they ARE tried and true because they keep the center of gravity low.  I would argue that the ride is more stable because the weight is lower to the ground. 

      But that bag looks great as an option for bikes w/o rack mounts!

      • Best is low and in the front if you have a low trail bike. Keeps the rear from being squishy.

  • hans

    anxious to hear your opinion on the saddle bag man. it looks nearly as good as my kitty litter bucket panniers :)

    • Ben’s Cycle


      the bag is awesome!

  • once you get to dc, holler at your boy.


  • miles

    What merino hoodie you rocking? I’ve been thinking I need one of those.

  • Jdhhsept

    what route are you guys taking?

  • Trevor

    Damn… I wish I was ballzie enough to try something like this.

  • Adie Mitchell

    Hell yes!

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    It speaks well of a saddle that you should choose it for a 600k ride when it’s made of hard plastic.

  • gonna be cold out there, especially at night. should’ve taken a down/nanopuff jacket at least so you can sleep without shivering.

  • Rdarko6

     Dont forget the SEATOSUMMIT wilderness wash!  I love that stuff!

  • Deuce

    Have fun and Party bro!

  • NorEast

    Two questions, what mount is that for the light on the fork, and what tires are you running.  

    Looks like a fun trip, by the way!

  • how do you like that bartape? is it lizardskin 3.2?

  • John,  I like your bike builds and I think we’re about the same spec.  6’1″ 205 lbs. You might be lighter.  Do you mind telling me about your wheel builds on this cross bike, and your two roadies?  I’m curious what you’ve found to be the best combos of spoke counts and spoke types for us bigger riders.  Thanks.

    • Rod, I’m 6’2″ and about 200 lbs. This is 24 x 28 with DT Swiss spokes. Nothing special. My Argonaut is Chris King R45 to H+Son Archetype with Sapim CXRays 32h. Bishop is 24 x 28 Chris King R45 to HED Belgium Sapim CXRays.

      I’m good on these cross wheels but I was running lower PSI a few weeks ago and dented the rim…. I usually keep it 60PSI for trails because it’s rocky here.