44 Bikes: Huntsman CX Oct 11, 2012

I love this bike. Part road, part off road. The 44 Bikes Huntsman CX is a gravel grinder’s dream bike. Massive clearance on a 1×10 ready for anything. See more at the 44 Bikes Flickr.

  • JobOnJon

    Shiter placement is a bit goofy…

    • jp

      Yeah, not a fan of those things.  While I get why you’d want to use a shifter you could switch to friction-mode if necessary, I think the Kelly Take-Off’s are a better solution and less prone to damage in the event of a crash.

    • Retrotech

  • that thing looks FUN. but, gotta agree, that is a terrible place for a shifter…

  • Jack Lewis

    I really wish there were more 1x road bikes. I hate my front derailleur.

    If I weren’t broke I’d convert my road bike.

    • Chris

       It’s not really much of a conversion. Remove derailleur. Done

    • Joshua Robot

      WickWerks chainrings can make even SRAM front shifts snappy.

      Also, LOVE AND WANT WANT WANT that bike.

  • that bike rocks (on the rocks).  love it.
    why not just run a shimano STI brifter with an Avid BB7 Road caliper (short pull)?

  • Rsaliga

    You can follow this builders journey from the beginning on this thread: http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=112578&showall=1

    The whole thing is worth the time to read.

    • Yep! I posted about the thread a while back. Good stuff!

    • and there goes an hour…thanks for posting that…dude has some serious fabrication skills!

  • Goat stall cleaner

    Super looking ride. Serioiuly has me looking at my bank balance!

    Shifter chosen as bike is for Gravel type riding. Shifter is from the cyclocross market and has some advantages over Ultegra. Lighter weight, faster, ability to shift across full cassette and most important perhaps simple and serviceable. Issue 17 of Cyclocross Magazine chose them as beat shifter to use if building up a bike from scratch.

    They do look odd, but there are other reasons for picking one brifter over another than looks.


    Disclosure – I do work with Rerroshift

    • Bushthevillageidiot

      Beat = Best
      Rerroshift = How Scoobydoo would pronounce it.

      Obviously typed with fat fingers on high tech skinny phone.

      Sorry. :)


  • John, how does one get their bicycles featured on Beautiful Bicycles?

  • K. Henry

    Thanks for the kind words fellas.  Lots of interest in this build.  Hope to make many more of these puppies.  Always nice to hear everyones feedback and enthusiasm on my custom builds.  My best – Kris @ 44 Bikes