Woody Hard at Work Sep 5, 2012

I’ve got a bunch of scraps from various film backs that I’ll be posting periodically, starting with these two of Woody, the National Track Champ, Olympic mechanic and co-owner of Golden Saddle Cyclery. Check out one more below.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    Works!? That bad mudda owns Golden Saddle Cyclery!

    • Works? He Facebooks!

      • Spoon

        That’s only to maintain the ability to comment on the TCU…LOL.

  • Hans

    yeah Woody!!

  • Miles

    I hate to be that guy… But what kinda tires are those on that All-City? 

    • Jeff

      Challenge Grifos 32, clincher

  • Jeff

    How awesome!  That’s my bike!!!

  • Cibdra

    What cranks are those?

    • Jeff

      Spot Brand singlespeed

  • John

    Woody, is an awesome dude! Whenever I walk into Golden Saddle, and in need of something or have any questions he’s always one to help. Took in my Ritte, as I couldn’t shift properly on it due to some mechanical stuff, and when I was getting ready to pay, I wasn’t charged a dime. This has been the second time he has done that. Truly an awesome guy.