This Icarus is Flying to Germany

Today I swung through to see Ian at Icarus about a few things. One of which was to photograph a new frame that just returned from Fresh Frame, his painter. This frame in particular is headed over to Germany tomorrow and it’s stunning. The client wanted a blue and white track frame, inspired by Jeremy’s Classic Track. The subtle pearl coat’s blue reflection really pops in the sunlight and I can’t wait to see how this beauty builds up. Until Ian and I can figure out a way to display these frames, I just asked to hold it in front of his new shop. It’s gonna be a busy winter for Icarus.

  • beautiful! where in germany is that frame going?

  • Bma Andrade87

    what rims are in photo 2

  • Alter

    this is very very very beautiful

  • Those dropout details…. Wow.

  • too cool.