The Ritte Girls at Cross Vegas

I’m fried from Interbike and about to head out to the airport. Once I finish post-processing everything, the posts will commence, until then, check out these photos I shot of Jen and Kelli from Ritte Racing at Cross Vegas.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Seamus Dougherty

    fine babes

  • grham

    God, what i would do to get my hands on those… tires

    • aj austin

      tell me about it, my first thought was “my dear lord…. those tires rule”

      • Mmtmatrix

        thou shalt not covet thy neighbors green michelin muds…

        nice shots…

  • great photo set

  • miles

    just picked up some white spy screws today at the LBS

  • Justin Andrews

    green mud’s?

  • Wow so wonderful photo set !!

  • Jellybelly

    That dude with blonde looks a lot like a girl. thats not the Kellie girl always boasting about Ritta

    • Jared

      I think if you try that again in your native language it might be a more effective insult. 

    • Anonymous

      The dude “insult” is old. And Let’s put 2 and 2 together, the girl in the pics name is kelli, the girl who races and promotes her team, her name is kelli too, so…. I’m going to go out on a limb and say its the same girl. And it’s Ritte not Ritta

  • Graham1975

    everybody’s sponsoring kelli these days? she is that good or there is nobody else?

    • Guest

      Who’s everybody? Seems like she just changed teams.

    • marcm

      Good things come to those who go out and race and get results.  You should try it.  

      • Jumanji

        we hardly ever see her race here in LA. probably twice ever at encino velodrome on her “affinity kissena with full dura ace”. and even her results when racing are pitiful.

        Jen on the other hand…

        • Graham1975

          thats sad. i thought so too. surely she got the look. but its a bit shallow that peeps sponsor her just for model looks/ass.  well, thats how the world is.

        • marcm

          Obviously you’re a master of someone else’s race season, how did yours go?  Assuming you actually race anything other than an alleycat. 

          • Dude, you have to enter their name… At least embed a screen shot…

          • marcm

            Unfortunately Jumanji didn’t return any results.

          • Mrs Doubtfire


            there you go. officially slow. dunno whos dick besides yours she sucked to get where shes at.
            oh…and she looks like a dude.

          • Your dick is so big right now, picking on a girl. Glad you know how to get your rocks off.

  • thurtytwo


  • NotWhite

    lol how are they so white after a summer of biking

  • James

    Beautiful hard working women!

  • bleui

    not even a scar on those fine legs? I must be doing it wrong

  • Spoon

    Excellent photos. Thank you for the continued documentation of the sport.

  • Dear goodness,  I want those michelin mud tires so damn bad.

  • I think your photos go in the direction being called for here
    or maybe I am wrong. Great work as usual and the haters are gonna hate, Fuck em. The ladies look beautiful. 

  • I want those Michelin Mud Greenies!

  • Admirable this photos. Thank you for the sustained of this stuff.