The New Geekhouse CX Skinsuits by Adria Klora Rule Sep 25, 2012

Photo by Steve Anderson

If you’ve been following this blog for the past 6 years, you’ve seen me mention Razzle camouflage multiple times and if there is one cross team that could pull off a Razzle-inspired skinsuit during cross season, it’d have to be Geekhouse. Of course it takes an exceptional designer to pull it off, precedents and all. That’s why Marty enlisted Adria Klora to tackle the team kits this year, who also did the Golden Saddle Cyclery kits. ENDO‘s getting to produce some rad stuff this year!

All this Geekhouse razzle is coming to a race near you, just try to not stare directly into them or you’ll crash into a tree.

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