Ritchey Classic Logic Curve Bars Are Amazing

So you’ll have to excuse the enthusiastic photos and copy here but since I got my new fork on my Icarus ViKing Track, I’ve been looking for a polished silver, non-grooved 31.8, 44cm wide road bar, but to no avail. Track drops on the street aren’t for me. They never come wide enough and I like having multiple hand positions on the bike while riding.

I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to find that exact bar. Surely someone else wanted it? It wasn’t until a friend showed me the Ritchey Classic Logic Curve that I thought there even existed such a bar. Minimally branded and all of the above, these bars fit the bike perfectly.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • autophile

    I have the same setup on my Marinoni road. Too bad the Thomson bits are an ever so slightly different colour.

  • guest

    hey im looking for a nice bartape for on my bike but in the bike shops in my town i can only find very modern ones, but not the minimalistic ones like you have used here. so i hate tho ask it but: what bare tape are you using

    • Aaron

      Looks like regular old cloth tape dude.

    • Alan

      pretty sure that’s newbaums, and they make em in all sorts of awesome colors. i think cinelli and/or bianchi also have cotton grip tape

      • guest

        thank’s dude, i think im getting this one

    • Matthew J

      Soma online store has Toshi cotton bar tape.  Best currently available.

    • This is Newbaums. $6 a roll!

    • Brent

      I used to run cloth tape, but it started to hurt my hands without gloves on longer rides. I’ve been running Handlebra leather tape, it’s a thin profile but a lot more comfortable. Plus made in USA.

      • If I chose to run anything else, it’d be the Lizard Skins stuff.

  • That looks like the Soma Highway 1, but in 31.8. 

  • Love it

  • The pairing with the Thompson stem is perfect!

  • This bike is insane.  Best one in your stable in my opinion. Great choice on switching forks.  Just beautiful!

  • JD

    Beaut of a bike. 

  • Dialed.

  • I see a lot of quality and an equal amount of character in this build. Way to dial it in man!

  • trackshack

    its perfect

  • Matsentul

    Ride safe. Dont get urself killed.we love this blog n this bike! Cheers prolly!

  • Ryan Combdon

    I bought some 42cm CroMo B123 and i agree, not really for street riding.  Does anyone know a good 25.4 clamp Bar that has a simular profile. 

    • Svend

      Bontrager SSR VR-C 26.0


  • Simonjhillier

    So clean.

    It’s perfect.

    The unpainted fork puts it over the top.

  • Guest

    sooooooooooooooooo nice

  • #5 is such an excellent snap.

  • Carl Anderson

    Nice bars John!  That silver finish looks sharp.  I am running the same ones but in black.  I used to run Cinelli 65s on my fixed gear too, dont know how it managed it.  The “hoods” position on the Ritcheys is fantastic!  I imagine you did quite a bit of climbing on your 65’s too?  

    • Yeah, i’ve ridden CdM, Giros, Criteriums and Pistas but will never go back… ha!

  • Sneaky

    I missed it… why’d you switch forks?

  • PhilD

    Nice setup, i had the same dilemma, made even harder when looking at a 25.4mm clamp size. I went for a similar Ritchey bar, here’s my current setup: 

    How’re you finding them, considering they are pretty modestly priced bars?

  • how do you protect your fork from corrosion? 

  • PS: does it have more seatpost than on previous photos??

    • Been wearing my boots – so I had to raise it a bit.

  • ArnoldTLH

    I completely agree with your road bar selection sentiment. Very true and good points!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    solid bike!

  • Marc

    Love the whole bike, its simplicity is stunning! What length is the stem btw?

  • MCThree


  • simonnix

    Found this old post while trying and find NOS of this bar online. They’ve changed the shape to a round bend for 2015, just as I was looking for another set. :/