Omar the Barber and Vinny’s Barbershop

I have met a lot of interesting people on the road. All through bikes. People from all walks of life, with various careers, personalities and ambitions. Sometimes those people become good friends. And that’s how Omar and I became friends. What started as a haircut, led to drinking, then more drinking, some karaoke, bad tattoos (have we even ridden yet man?) and finally, another haircut. Vinny’s Barbershop is my go-to spot for a trim when I’m in LA and it’s not just because Omar knows how to take 20+ years off with an hour-long session…

  • These are great. 2 and 6 especially.

  • Jake Ricker

    How does that person have a date tattoo from a day that has yet to happen?
    Not hating…
    Just wondering.
    Pretty interesting.
    Rad photos as always though my friend.

    • It’s a question everyone asks and only Omar knows the meaning.

      • Sherlock

        I figured it was something that happened in March this year. Ju no?

        • Watson

          cause thats how ze europeans write da dates

  • Tylerroyshannon

    This is one your best sets yet. Great work.