Vittoria 1976 Classic Carbon Road Shoes

So here’s a factoid you might not have been aware of: Vittoria shoes, the brand, are in fact older than Vittoria tires. Don’t ask me why Vittoria tires decided to take their name but the main point to take away from this is that Vittoria shoes have been around a very long time.

When they re-issued their classic cycling shoes a few years back, people applauded them. The 1976 line was before any other company went for that “vintage look” and Vittoria is one of the few manufacturers that have said experience under their laces. Naturally, when they reached out to me to try out a pair of the 1976 Classic Carbon Road Shoes with a carbon sole, I did and have been riding them for a little longer than a month.

Right out of the box, they’ve proven to be just as comfortable and durable as any modern road shoe and I have yet to critique anything in their design. People complain about the laces but if you’ve been riding long enough, you know how tight or loose you need to have your shoes. I have yet to adjust them on a ride. The leather is incredibly durable and the vented perforations keep your feet cool, even in the Texas summer heat. To boot, they’re made by hand in Italy. In one word: perfetto!

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  • Hey John where can you pick a pair of these up? 

    • Check the dealer info – or contact them.

      • MT*

        Ok..4 top angles..can we see the bottom of the shoe ? *please.

        • Shit! I forgot to post that one. Will do.

    • Yeahaw

      You don’t want these, you want a pair of DVS Rico CT x Cadence, and if you want to keep your feet cool you can add perforations yourself.

      • not a road shoe, #bro

        • Yeahaw
          • Matt white

             from a dumb arse to another dumber arse, these are designed as road shoes. No DIY Italian leather pinterest pin to be found here. High end purpose and niche appeal, but i am sure your totes dope DVS’ with holes poked in them look work better and look just as sophisticated. i have written too many words, must climb hills now.


          • Yeahaw

            C’mon do you really think I’m serious?  If you happen to read my other posts I made today, you would understand.

          • Guest

            These seem cold.

          • Matt white

            my apologies, i didnt see any. for now a larger arse to another, damn humor is a miserable place courtesy of HTML. just punched a punch of holes in my toms, way better air flo now. giving my road shoes to goodwill 

  • Alex12

    perfetto (singular) perfette (plural) ;)

  • Matthew J

    Swrve has been selling the 1976 made with Lorica.  Vittoria is making them in leather now as well?

  • Michael Musil


    Thanks for the great words on the Classics. I do need to correct me problem, the ones you have are in fact made with Lorica. BUT, we do make a Kangaroo Leather version of the Classic called the Luxury Line. Looks the same though.

    One reason 99% of cycling shoes are made with Lorica is the durability. It is abrasion resistant, waterproof-won’t be ruined if gotten wet and the don’t stretch so much as mold to the riders foot due to their foot warmth. It’s an excellent material. But some really wat the best and that where the Luxury Line comes in.

    Yes, our shoes are made 100% in Italy. Not Italy by way of Romania or Asia. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We just prefer being able to do things under me roof. In fact, the exact same factory as when the company was started. We even make the Carbon sole on Johns shoes in our factory in Biella!

    Make sure to check out the upcoming season 20 of “How It’s Made” on Discovery and Science Channels. We will be featured on there. It’s fantastic to watch.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Michael Musil

    By the way, sorry, the typos are courtesy of my Apple device.

    Just a note though….we do offer the Classic in a couple different sole offerings. Mountain- nylon, carbon, part carbon/part nylon. Road- nylon, carbon like these and a part carbon/part nylon as well as an SPD rubberized walkable sole for commuters.

    So since we make everything ourselves in our Biella factory, it is very easy to switch out the soles for customers. We also offer the shoes in four different widths, a high and low volume and a multi length for people with two different length feet. And every pair is available in a Women’s Specific, not just a men’s. And of course a massive array of colors.

    John, if you are at Interbike, stop by. Booth 15105 in the Italian Pavillion. The founder Celestino Vercelli will be there and so will I. It would be nice to talk. Let me know.

    Boss guy supreme for the US.
    Vittoria USA

  • steve

    Do these come with retro cleats for toe clips and straps?

  • nismosr

    any pictures of the carbon sole ?