Portland Design Works: Takeout™ Basket – Adventure Edition Sep 1, 2012

This is one of the products I’m pretty stoked on from Portland Design Works. The Takeout™ is already a versatile option for light n easy cargo but add a  Blaq bag to the mix and you’ve got an all-out “adventure-ready” handlebar bag. Complete with a number of pockets and a map-pouch, these two products are fit for a weekend of light touring. Check out more at PDW.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    That’s so rad!  Well…except for the name.

    • I knew you were gonna say something about that!

    • didn’t know it had a name, makes more sense than ‘blaq’ at least.

  • JT89

    whats one of you’re favorite Front load racks, and please don’t say pass and stow, they are way out of my price range, or for anyone thats not sitting on a trust fund

      • JT89


    • Matthew J

      I’ve bought three Pass Stow racks and I am the son of a wrking man. Matthew Feeney makes each rack himself to order and happily follows up with his customers to make sure everything works out right. Price is more than fair.

  • Wanjikũ Ngigi

    Damn. I bought it too soon. this bag is way better. 

  • That’s sweet. I was actually planning on getting a takeout and having a custom bag shop (like Swift or someone) do something similar. This really saves that step. This is great!

  • Daniel

    hey prolly i know this prolly not the place to be writing this.. but i do not like where the floating prolly viking outline is placed.. maybe if it was a different color.. but it is a hassle tryng to scoll around the thing.. sorry it is cool and i get what your trying to do branding wise which is cool as well maybe just in another place?

    your fatihful reader m/