Poler Stuff: Bicycle Camping in Texas Sep 28, 2012

Earlier this year, Jon, Ross and I took off on a 120 mile ride out to Colorado Bend State Park here in Texas for a weekend of camping. Poler sent along some goods and I shot some photos, many of which have just now made it onto the Poler site. Head on over and check them out! And if you missed the original Recent Roll post, check it out here.

  • Dalton670

    That’s the bike which was stolen isn’t it? How did you get it back?

    • ShartOutLoud

      I think the Geekhouse went missing in June/July. Perhaps these photographs are from “Earlier this year” by a good deal?

    • these were from April, my Geekhouse was stolen two months ago.

  • ra

    great job! what camera did you use?

  • Donnelly

    any other photos of that bike?