Pereira Cycles: John’s Roaring 29’r Sep 11, 2012

Tony Pereira builds some of the most unique frames and John’s Roaring 29’r is a perfect example of a very tastefully constructed bike. The details had my head spinning. See for yourself at the Pereira Cycles Flickr. Stunning man!

  • Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is going on with the fork?  It looks so crazy I just gotta know.

    • As Double ohtwo pointed out, this bike is based on a 1920s Elgin Balloon bike. Back then bikes were being designed to look like motorcycles, which is why they had the twin top tubes–to look like dad’s moto. Sometimes they had a “tank” for storage. The struts on the fork add strength to the lightweight road blades. These bikes are a blast to ride and they look cool (if I do say so myself) which is about everything I shoot for when building and designing bikes.

  • Zoster

    @Tucker: from what i know, it’s some sort of primitive type of suspension fork for motorcycles. as far as bicycles go, seems pretty redundant to me.. (as is the double top tube)

  • i want dis.