Paul Calver Photographs Graeme Obree Sep 12, 2012

Photos by Paul Calver

Graeme Obree has been working towards a new world record. After the UCI banned his efforts for the hour record, he’s taking to the streets on a new vehicle. Head over to see Paul Calver‘s lovely photographs of Graeme Obree for the Red Bulletin.

  • the Flying Scotsman! So SICK!

  • Simon Hillier

    The word legend is all too readily used but this guy is a legend. An enigma. Because of people like Graham Obree the world is more interesting place.

  • pipo

    graeme is my co-pilot. i think he is why coffee is becoming more expensive.   

    • As far as I’m aware he drinks tea… a very interesting story and far from finished .. glad to see someone documenting it…

  • great images.  Gotta check that movie out