Paris to London Breakless for Cystic Fibrosis Sep 14, 2012

To help raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, a group of riders headed out for London from Paris on their track bikes. So far they’ve raised €10,500 for the cause. Expect a full video in September. Check out more here.

  • Just the kinda videos i wanna see!!!

  • love the nose gash.  That’s bleeding for a reason.

  • 10 sec. in, and you see the first brake. :) still great, and for a good cause!

  • Stevesy

    I’m sure I saw some brakes in that video

  • James

    I saw brakes!

  • Jumbi

    pretty sure it’s break-less, as in non-stop. not brakeless.

  • weshclem

    It is breakless… check out more here: