Mash: High Functioning Objects of Art Sep 29, 2012

Mike posted up some great photos of a Histogram build over at the Mash blog. Head on over and check the rest out.

  • Highbury2012

    That’s one dodgy saddle angle.

    • I was waiting for someone to point that out….

      • RME

        The saddle seems perfectly level. It’s an illusion that it’s pointed upward in the last photo, due to the forward sloping top tube. 

  • Hey John, what’s your take on this:

    Seems Bud should’ve won

    • Nicknack


    • Rules of an alleycat – You have to HAND OVER your manifest. If you’re going too fast to make contact, that’s your own damn fault.

      • Rcaiii

         he put it in mikes hand and he didnt even take it

        • You should be standing there not flying past him.

          • Ishadam


          • How long have you been going to races?

  • Seamsfine

    “made in taiwan” art

  • G1ngerk1d


  • Rcaiii

    I mean this would be way sick if mash actually had riders that raced competitively on the track. 

  • Danielt

    There’s a ”Bishop” with an ”IO”, on Instagram that I think is nicer!!

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