Macaframa: Return of the Mac Sep 20, 2012

Macaframa‘s digging through their archives and just posted their 2011 Bicycle Film Festival video with some new bits added.

  • Rocknrollzeb1

    The second half of this is so good.

  • Arex

    It’s too bad they cut out the Chas’s part.

    • Guest12

      Is it anywhere online?

  • so fast, love the traffic clips

  • wildwillywaynewilson

    man, RIP to those dirt jumps. Im trying to keep my spirits up after the city of SF leveled the secret spot in golden gate park a couple weeks ago. But here they are again, another reminder. RIP most ridiculous spot ever. 

    • SFBMRC

       There will always be a spot there. The City has been trying to level that spot for as long as I can remember. 16 years ago they tried taking them down and they are still trying to this day.

  • Kyle

    this video is inspiring, jeezus

  • Jdhhsept


  • Great watching Clary Blast around Oakland.

  • S C Tallent

    Does anyone know the song on the second half? Cheers.

    • i’m not sure, but it sounds like the band WOODS