Interbike 2012: Pegoretti

One of my favorite booths at Interbike this year was Dario Pegoretti‘s. Every time I walked past it, people were swarming to see the hand made steel masterpieces from Italy, rendering it almost impossible to get a clear photo of any of the frames. Since he had the only booth with hand-made track bikes in it, I had to get up close and personal with them.

While describing what makes Pegoretti Cicli’s work different from American builders, I overheard the rep say something to the effect of this: “Dario is from a long line of Italian frame builders. People who found a way to mix production with perfection. None of these American builders are capable of producing the quality and quantity as Dario…”

Arrogant? Sure. But hey, they’re Italian and with these bikes, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • and yet there’s a SRAM chain and plenty of Chris King headsets in there …
    not to mention the Brooks Saddle.

  • that’s the rep’s line–
    dario would likely say that he can build an okay race bike ;)

  • roll:Gary

    I flipped when I saw those… amazing

  • catdrew

    ck makes a propriety headset for dario 

  • just how i feel bro

    man i know i’m gonna get the death penalty for saying this but i feel like pegoretti’s paintjobs are ugly :(

    • They’re different, nuanced and eccentric. To some they’re ugly. Personally, I don’t care for them that much, so I think your life is a-ok!

  • Those saddles!

  • Tasteful Chap

    Sure the quality of workmanship might be there but styling leaves a LOT to be desired. Those head-tubes are way too long and, well, the saddles.

    • What on Earth does a long head tube have to do with anything? Are you being serious right now? I can’t tell.

      • Tasteful Chap

        Serious about aesthetics. You can’t say the extra length above the TT more than below the DT doesn’t break all the rules of building horizontal TT frames.
        Can’t claim to be the best and get the fundamentals wrong.

        • 2000XXX

          Every chap bangs on the extended headtube. Have you ridden a peg? He’s breaking rules you don’t even understand. Just ride one, once. Yes, I’m also serious about the aesthetics, which go beyond appearance don’t they?

          • amen

          •  I own and ride my Peg Marcelo a lot. I love it. The extended head tube suits the target market (cashed up middle aged dudes with bad backs). The theory is better to have extended head tube and no steerer spacers than short and pro looking head tube and loads of spacers. Less flex and looks better. Me? I had my mechanic Shifter Dan trim down the head tube cos I needed to be lower. Easy job. Agree the paint jobs are polarizing but you can choose your paint if you buy one and wait. For me though it’s all about the performance and ride. It makes me want to ride fast and it continues to surprise me and put a smile on my face nearly 3 years down the road.

    • Yeahaw

      I back you on this.  After the hideous paint job, the extended headtube was the next thing I noticed.  If there is any increased functionality due to the extended headtube, I’m pretty damn sure it’s not enough to sacrifice the aesthetics.

  • DamianRiehl

    One of my favorite booths. The effort that goes into these is just plain ridiculous. Surprises we didn’t run into each other down there.

  • Yeahaw

    Putrid is the best word to describe the styling of these bikes.

  • Rbartolacci

    I have had countless frames and nothing is like a Dario’s Masterpieces. I currently own 2 Pegoretti’s and i have to tell everyone. If you love cycling as i do… you need to expierence the ride of a Pegoretti…….. its absolutly increditable

  • Patrick Harrington

    The paint job is the crowning achievement of those bikes. As for the head tube height-if more people were honest with themselves regarding the proper fit of a bicycle, Pegorettis would be the only frame without a ton of spacers. Everyone has a right to one’s opinion. Lucky for those chaps who want a frame that fits a pro racer’s flexibility and aerodynamic needs, plenty can be had with as boring a paint scheme as you could want. The Pegoretti is a work of art painted onto a work of art, both by the same man. Definitely a unique and beautiful bicycle.