If I Didn’t Already Have a Cross Bike Lined Up Sep 13, 2012

I’d be on one of these. Milwaukee Bicycle Co‘s new Waterford-built cross bikes look damn nice. At that price, why would you consider a Taiwanese-manufactured frame? It’s like team pricing for the public!

  • poop sauce

    who’s building your cross bike?

    • It’s a Geekhouse team bike. Stoked!

      • I got one of the team bikes from last season, love it!

        • This year’s gonna have a tapered HT.

          • Chris

            What’s the ETA on your CX?

  • Chris

    Just curious John, is your Geekhouse CX gonna be disc or caniti?  I looked through the options on the Milwaukee but didn’t see a canti option (might have missed it).

    • Canti. No need for disk here in Texas…. That and cable-actuated disks are a pain.

      • Chris

        Agreed about the discs.

      • incog milio

        Would you or anyone else mind explaining why cable discs are a pain? I was considering it in my build.

      • Matt

        dis-agree on “disks are a pain”. 

        They’re so easy to work on! 

  • Cxbra

    AND they let you choose every single option on the bike, from where you want the frame badge and decals to how much clear coat you want on the bike and anywhere in between. Ive heard nothing but good words over their tried-and-true Bruiser also, quality product.

  • That’s a great looking frame from a great builder.
    And those are some nice SunRingle wheels.  Who can argue with “Black Flag?”What’s in the works for you, John? Firefly? :-)

  • Andy P.

    The Milwaukee page says ‘Waterford-made’ with an asterisk at the end. However, there’s nothing at the bottom denoting what that asterisk means. 

    • it might be regarding the fork.

    • Matt

      Correct.  The frame is Waterford made, but the fork is not.