Geekhouse Bikes: Team Cross Bikes Sep 28, 2012

Since my touring bike was stolen, the only bike that I’ve been riding around town is my track bike. I’ve been waiting for my Geekhouse team Mudville for what feels like an eternity. I miss having a bike with gears that I can ride around town and lock up (the Bishop has too much carbon). So when Marty posted this up this morning, my palms got sweaty. I can’t wait!

Let’s see, mine must be the really big one.

  • that gigantic black one is yours right? (twss)

  • those chainstays are BEEFY

  • Can’t wait to see these things built. 

  • purple fork?

  • Chris

    These come with a carbon fork or one of Marty’s steel ones?  I guess which ever you want huh?

    • No. These can only come with a ENVE tapered fork.

      • Chris

        I see!!  Painted as well I assume?

  • hans

    rad man, you don’t have the Milwaukee any longer?

  • Raydul

    fuck yah one of the green ones is mine!!!!!