2012 Cross Vegas

Cross Vegas. One night during Interbike where the industry and UCI come together for a night of boozin’ and racin’. This year’s heats were bigger, faster and more beer’er than ever. How about less talk, more photos?

  • ZianStudios

    #67: Holy shit this guy is tall

    • Joshua Robot

      LOL, yeah Ryan Trebon is tall! It’s cool to watch him race because (to my eye anyway) he has to take a totally different line due to his high center of mass.

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    Get it, Ace. 

  • Joshua Robot

    16; Great shot. 
    Wow. . . number 19. Ouch! Also, who’s on that geekhouse in 39?

  • rdrey

    The lugged stainless Anderson is so so good.  Damn near perfection.

  • What? No shots of the dude holding dollars for the riders w/his cheeks? (The rear ones) :)

  • That Lugged Steel Anderson belongs to my bro Dan Jacobsen! HOLY SHIIIIT

  • Nothing

    white privilege

  • Cyclonesian

    #63 youmadbro?

  • Mctopherganesh

    47 is just priceless. More for his expression.

  • 19

  • who is the Cx rider with the Morrissey quote on his bottom half? With the All-City bike..