Dan Chabanov: ATMO Sep 7, 2012

Like a pagan god signaling the change of seasons, Mr. Richard Sachs is an omen of the ever impending ‘cross season. Once he appears to deliver his team’s frames, the cowbells aren’t too far away.

I’ve been enjoying Dan Chabanov’s photos on his blog and this one just had to be posted. Check out more here.

  • Chris

    Can someone tell me what the reasoning is for getting new bikes each season from a sponsor like RS?  OTher than cosmetics (which does not seems applicable here since his bikes are always the same color scheme, etc) or swapping out the components why would someone need a new set of bikes, steel no less?  I’m leaving a damaged bike out of the equation.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to pull up to RS’s place and get a car full of bikes every year (even if they were just loaners)!

    • Maybe you could Ask Dan over on his blog?

      • Chris

        I did that very thing!  He’s got an interesting blog.

    • Chris -This is Dan’s second season with us. His two frames are different sizes than what he rode in 2011. We have his 2011 frames (and others…) as spares. Some riders have raced on second hand, repainted, and re-tubed frames over the years. You caught us in a story when some new units were being distributed atmo. It cuts both ways.

      • Chris

        Thanks Richard.  The world of bike racing is totally foreign to me and insights like this are always welcomed.  BEst of luck to the team this season.

        • Richard Sachs just answered your question… You special now boy! ;-)

          • Chris

            I’ll admit it, I’m a little giddy!

  • Dan’s blog is so so good.

  • Abom

    See above. The Compund, land, Subarus, bling RGM watches and new bikes every fiscal quarter; *ATMO Its How The 1% Live*.  The New England cyclescene made by the 1% who pretend to be both of and for the peoplemo.  

    • What the fuck are you talking about?

      • Winkwink

        You better think about this one John, for once ;)

    • haha, always haters. john may disagree, but this blog and the scene it documents may very well never have existed if not for sachs and his contemporaries. there is prestige to richard’s work & involvement in racing, but it all has a very workmanlike quality–esp. relative to euro pro squads. this has been purposefully cultivated for longer than many of us have lived.

      the only 1% i know about is those standing atop the podium at the end of the day

      • Yeah, I was mostly commenting to Abom’s misjudgment of Richard. He’s been building bikes his whole life, had to shut down his wait list and has been smart with his time and money. One day, when we’re all his age, I hope we’re still doing what we love doing, comfortably.

        And since when does a 1% drive a Subaru?

  • JDunn

    I have had this photo open now in my browser for days. It is that awesome. So is Dan’s blog. Thanks. 

  • Sara

    Dan’s blog is killer. I’ve been checking it for some months now. Must be incredible to ride for RS for CX and be makin’ it roadie, too.

    And he’s so cute /fangirl