Colossi: Custom Columbus Steel Road Frame Sep 14, 2012

The guys at Colossi recently completed this steel BB30 road frame from a mix of Spirit and Life. I’m into a lot of these details, including the seat mast. Check out more at the Colossi Flickr.

  • Baum

    Where have I seen that typeface and logo placement before? Oh yes. Baum.

    • Yeah… They’re identical.


      • Baum

        pathetic that you posted this abortion. 

        • Pooky McPookums


    • bootreg

      baum bootleg at least it looks better than when IF copies baum

  • lwkwafi

    Cannondale does Gulf oil colored bike; baum follows.
    Some hipster discovers off-kilter printing in 2002; baum follows many years later. 

    • lwkwafi

      And Baum, you really can’t complain when the next post tries to promote brakeless fixed gear riding like it is still a noble venture worth promoting. 

      • Guest

        leave fixie alone

  • ZianStudios

    this is a custom build, for all we know maybe the customer really digs baum paint schemes

  • matt

    I don’t know why you guys are tripping about this; the Baum paint jobs are pretty lame to begin with.

  • For what it’s worth guys, that’s not Baum Cycles commenting below…

  • Baumsarelame

    Baum owner spills his late on his $8k frame after Trek 2.3 with same paint scheme rolls up at Starbucks.

  • not a fan of the oversize tubes + skinny little non-tapered headtube collabo.