Chrome Truk Sep 18, 2012

Since their first models dropped two years ago, Chrome has been working on improving them. Introducing the Truk, as modeled here by Massan.

  • iStone

    Finally, a Chrome shoe that actually looks wearable.

  • Yeahaw

    Just bring back DVS Rico CT x Cadence, you know I’m right.

    • New DVS x CDNC coming soon!

      • Yeahaw

        That’s what I’m talking about, when you say “coming soon”, do you mean in a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months?  This is important.

        • October. Now don’t you feel like a dummy for spamming all the posts today?

          • Yeahaw


  • ZianStudios

    finally, a Chrome bike that looks good

    • GypRosetti

      it’s an aluminum frame you dummy.

      • But notice how he capitalized Chrome, which reveals several more layers of confusion. Just how confused is he?

  • groovy tunes

  • richardgee

    What kind of straps is he using?

    • Rcaii

      Engine no.11 double straps

  • Agarcia

    I don’t understand why you would use lace-up shoes on a fixed gear bicycle. That’s just asking for a messed up face.

    • Luke

      Wait, don’t most people tie their shoes? What’s the issue then?

      • Yeahaw

        Yes they do, but shoelaces can’t resist untying themselves.  That’s why I just cut them down to the right size and tie them in a double knot.

        • I tuck mine into my shoes after tying them.

  • What happened to the Rio CT x Cadence. It disappeared and no one cared. My last three pairs of shoes were those.