Cadence: Jackets and Sweaters Sale Sep 27, 2012

The seasons of inclement weather are upon us. Stock up on warm, dry things over at Cadence, where many of their jackets and sweaters are marked down up to 50% off.

  • iStone

    Crossbike or Cadence… ugh!

  • Iamjberube

    …and the rain pants are 66% off, thanks for the heads up!

    • kevin

      I’m a bit hesitant to buy the rain pants.  I ordered their 686 jacket but do you think the pants will be good too? 

  • Max

    The look and fit of their collection is awesome.  I am hesitant to buy clothing from them again though after my the fabric on my conzelman jacket started disintegrating in the middle of the back.  

    Having not done any serious camping…and I rarely wear it with a backpack.  I thought I’d contact them about getting a replacement (bad bolt of fabric???who knows?) , but I never heard back.  I tried a few times but never heard back, so I’m hesitant…though I really want to believe those rain-pants will change my life…

    • I have had nothing but awesome experiences with their customer service. What email are you using? This info might help: 
      Cadence Collection310 [email protected]

      • Max

        Yah, they’re totally nice dudes one-one.  I used whatever was on the website at the time.  I’ll try again…though at this point, I’m not sure how much they can do.  Thanks!

        • Noahjohng

          Yeah I’ve got to say, I have had the same problem with the Conzelman,  and I have a sweatshirt that’s pretty much straight up fallen apart, but I will say their customer service is pretty flippin’ swell.

  • Joshua Robot

    Shit. . . and here I thought I was going to save a little money this month! Thanks?

  • Jdhhsept

    aaaaaaaannnnnnnd order is in