Brenton Salo: Sharky’s Heart Knees Sep 3, 2012

Photo by Brenton Salo

Seeing Sharky in Portland can be described as seeing a “ball of muscle” wound up and spinning on his track bike. Brenton happened to get a great shot of Sharky at rest, with his knee tattoos in focus. Great photo man.

  • Erikwhendrix

    That ankle tat is rad. 

  • Mrplugs

    I remember seeing him and the rest of the crew hanging out at Stumptown on a road trip back in ’06…now I get the see those dudes on a regular since I moved here. Championship colors ankle tat is still rad as hell

  • DamianRiehl

    A shot of my coworker by one of my friends and neighbors. I love the washed out tones. This is a good one.