Beautiful Bicycle: The Cicli Devotion Team Cross Bike by Seth Rosko Sep 14, 2012

Photos by Alan Tansey

When two local brands come together for the good of grassroots racin’, It’s a wonderful thing. Take this project for example. Cicli Devotion and Seth Rosko. Two familiar names here on the site and two of my good friends in Brooklyn. While the official framebuilder sponsor is Rick Jones, Matthew had already commissioned Seth to build his and the outcome is damn classy. Nice looking Horse Cycles paint too! Many thanks to Alan for the photos and Matthew for sending these over. Check out more below!

Seriously, this looks amazing. Congrats guys!

23 responses to “Beautiful Bicycle: The Cicli Devotion Team Cross Bike by Seth Rosko”

  1. Ciclidevotion says:

    I ordered the before frame last year, but shelved the build when I was forced to spend 8 months off the bike with my hand injury.  Since then, we’ve been lucky to have Long Island framebuilder Rick Jones come on as our official team bike supplier.  He built the rest of the customs you’ll see CDCX guys riding on this year.   

  2. Thats a unicanitor? Why?

  3. that is one of the best looking cross bikes i have seen. i love seth’s work

  4. ZianStudios says:

    wow this is just an amazing build. so good!

  5. sprint4burritos says:

    I believe props are due to Thomas of Horse Cycles for the paint work. Flawless work all around, IM(Burrit)O…

  6. Sandgrounder says:

    Beautiful, though in 2012 I’d go disc…

    Photos 5, 6 and 7 made me think of a musical score!

    • John Watson says:

      Don’t disk my crossie bro

    • DISC OR DIE 2012!

    • Adam says:

      “This isn’t really about disc brakes on cross bikes.  It’s about an editorial entity describing things as one thing (DISCS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!) when they really aren’t that way at all (I thought I saw fewer bikes with disc brakes at our local season opener even than I recalled seeing at most races last year.  But that sample size is only like 610 people or so).  And it’s about unquestioningly shoving the “next great thing” (at least for their advertisers) straight down your throat, despite all of these issues that the author is telling you how to overcome.  It’s like “oh yeah, she’s got hep C, a raging coke habit and a mean strike a mile wide, but you should totally ditch the girlfriend that you’re totally happy with for her!”
      ” It’s like you’re a complete pariah in their eyes if you choose to use rim brakes – all the cool kids* are using discs so who even gives a rat’s behind about rim brakes. *except if by “cool kids” you mean “the cool kid who wears the cycle racing t-shirt done up to be all America-looking because he’s the FREAKING NATIONAL CHAMPION.  he’s a pretty cool kid, and he uses rim brakes despite this article in Velonews (of all places) that would have you think he’s totally ditched rim brakes in favor of discs.”November Cycles

  7. iStone says:

    Brown hoods gotta go.

  8. Sick. Classic lines and great paint. Hoods matching (kind of) tubie sidewalls is a nice touch

  9. Roland says:

    Beautiful Bike!
    isn´t the rear wheel to close to the seattube for a cross?
    Or i´ll put it this way, how come the rear wheel is so close to the seattube?
    take care

  10. Alex Rains says:

    Yamaguchi logo.

  11. Almorris666 says:

    Kind of off the topic but did Seth Rosko ever build choppers? I swear that I’ve read articles in the horse magazine years ago showing his motorcycles. Nonetheless he builds great bicycles!