Ben’s Argonaut Road

In a world where a majority of carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing is overseas, it’s rare to see someone not only building frames Stateside, but approaching customization in an entirely different way. That’s what Ben from Argonaut Cycles is doing with his custom carbon fiber road bikes. Everything from the weave to the molds is proprietary and made here in the USA. I got to spend 111 miles next to (well behind) this bike and I gotta say, it’s drop dead gorgeous in motion. Which is probably why I had a hard time photographing the thing at a stand still.

If you’re at the Dirt Demo today at Interbike, you can see this baby in person. If you can’t make it out, check out more photos below.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Bike looks great – and so pleased Ben has got this venture off the ground after such a lengthy effort.

    Do you know if he’s planning to offer custom paintjobs for his carbon bikes? The colours of his steel bikes were amazing…

    • Yes, he is.

      • Wishing that reply was no, because the raw carbon looks so damn good why would you want to cover that up!

        • a custom paint job might not cover ALL the carbon.  I can’t wait to see what he does.

          • Check out some of Ben’s steel bikes – the guys knows how to add paint!

        • “as an option”

        • Luke

          Black bikes get old after awhile. I mean, just look around and you’ll see just how many nondescript black bikes there are out there. A little color goes a long way to set a bike off and individualize it to its owner. 

  • Peter

    any reason for the brake to be “open” ?

    • In your experience, what has the reason been in the past? Other than to get someone to make your comment… ;-)

      He was cleaning it before I shot photos and I didn’t catch that it was open until I was post-processing them.

      • Peter

        didnt mean to be a geeky forum prick!
        amazing bike, one of my favourite of all to be honest…

  • The first picture of the set is one of the best bicycle pictures I’ve seen. The photo is incredibly casual, but the bike itself is not.

  • recur

    Pretty as it is, I still can’t get into CF. Feels like paper mache to me.

    • Until you crash a couple times and get knocked off by a minivan. The damn thing still won’t break!  They really aren’t that fragile. (mine’s cheap)

  • meero

    Needs some paint.

  • whoa dropouts!

  • This a thing of beauty, excellent work from Argonaut!

  • Are these gonna be on Craigslist?

  • Will these be on Craigslist soon?

  • Looking so beautiful bike.

  • iStone

    What’s this setup weigh?