Argonaut Cycles: Modus Operandi Sep 5, 2012

So everyone keeps asking me “what’s up with Argonaut?” and finally, I’ve got a more concrete answer. A while back, I took notice of Ben’s shift into carbon fiber production. He had a thing going called “Tech Tuesdays“, which I really enjoyed. After ironing out a legitimate production process, the new Argonaut Cycles was born.

Check out this video of Ben explaining his new bike offering and check out some studio shots of an Argonaut below.

  • pauldomen

    Did they borrow that seatpost from Ritte? ;)

    • No but they got the hardware from ENVE. Ritte was by no means the first to do that. The seat tube is shaped, so a clamp like that ensures the post is always centered.

    • Guest

      you just showed how much of a n00b you are

      • pauldomen

        If that means having a little sense of humour…

  • did you shoot those?  nice shots.  murdered out, with highlights …

  • Solar

    I’ll look closer when they decide to make a non-isp model. Which are so 2008!

  • Tech Tuesday?!  I’m stealing that.

  • Adam


  • Jonathan Palacio

    i wonder how they got a hold of that water bottle in the video at 2:10..its from a small shop in savannah ga I used to work at

  • Robert

    Amazing bike and i love that they do the entire manufacturing process themselves, too bad the frame alone is about my entire budget.