An August of Joe McKeag Sep 9, 2012

I’ve said it since the beginning: Joe McKeag rips. I met him two years ago and he was already killing it. Now, in his newest video, he shreds the streets, parks and ditches of Long Beach. So good!

  • he must be a super-fan

    …of Creedence

  • Penis

    correct me if im wrong but mckeag might be onto something with those 360 e.t.’s – less loss of momentum on the rear tire 

    • Albie

      The answer to that might just be smaller wheels and more coasting.

      Now don’t fret, because let me tell you, there is bike that fits this bill.

      • Cool story bro

      • Penis

        he could probably link 360’s in dirt jumps if he’s still constantly pedaling is what i was getting at

  • doug

    go skateparks!


    haha that one was dope though

  • That nose manny to quick barspin was so dialed. Joe kills.