AJ Austin: Don’t Move Here Sep 17, 2012

I just got back from a ride to find this amazing gem in my inbox. So stoked on AJ’s riding. Crank arm slides, bump jumps, tire feeble to 180 and it’s all dialed. We gotta ride when I get back from Vegas homie!

  • Ferenczi Isti

    did I peep a freewheel manual on the big bike there?

  • monkeyfoot

    Any hope of that frame ever hitting production?

    • There’s not much demand for 29r frames now and it’s a lot of overhead to produce a run. MKE has no immediate plans. Which bums me out!
      I love these frames.

      • monkeyfoot

        Well I’ll just grab the next best thing – Ben’s put the Mishka/Dart bruisers on sale.

    • aj austin

      Well once the total societal collapse hits after the war with Iran the frames should go into production to save the world… the rothschild’s told me.

  • masterdebator

    I wish I had balls like him. FGFS and bmx forever! From the youngest grom to the most seasoned vet, FGFS and BMX is the best (no offence skateboarders, you guys are c00l 2).

    • AJ has ginger balls. You really want those?


  • dropshadow

    His last name is Austin. He IS Texas!