A Few More Austin Portraits Sep 26, 2012

Austin has a lot of personality out on the streets and these Hasselblad portraits are turning out great. Check two more out below.

  • sorry charlie

    bret!! my blood cousin!

  • Andrew Crawford

    nagasawa with brakes? come on hipsters, have you no respect?

    • Custom Nagasawa, built to the owner’s specs. Come on you hipster, have you no respect?

      • “Custom Nagasawa, built to the owner’s specs. Come on you hipster, have you no respect?” so good. Andrew, is this your bike? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_kezIHoRmQ

        • Andrew Crawford

          ha! awesome link, not me tho ;)

        • Ckamp


  • Anselm

    Yo, Austin hows it hangin? Im chilling in SF atm. Hope you had a good time in Europe!

    • Anselm!! Man it is good to hear you are still on the road, hope your doing allright, when are you headed back to Germany

      • Anselm

        Hell, im doing great! TCB is taking goooood care of me! Iuv it here… im going back on 10/29
        But until then ill work that city like a mutha :D i had such a beautiful ride to SF from Vancouver Canada with Arik and his gang that you got to kno the in Berlin. It was amazing!

        How are you, man. Do u still remeber the russian dude, tbat stayed at my place the same.time? He got savely to milan. Haha! Aint it funny how three nations are brought together by cycling. I luv that shit! Dude, you should come to CMWC 2014 in mexico city! Serioisly. Thatll be soooooooo goooood. Illl be there as sure as there will b the “amen” in church (its a german saying)

        Take care man. Was good seeing you!