A Black Spot: Late Sunday Coffeedence Sep 5, 2012

Damn straight. Climb ’em to bomb ’em.

  • ZianStudios

    someone should force these guys to wear a helmet. seriously? we can decide on our own whether or not to wear one asshole

    • papi

      greece has gone bankrupt. no money for helmets!

      • Padeliscockney

         Hahaha fakin safe! Greece up mofks!

  • Jake

    Fucking hauling

  • Asklionheart

    none of these niggas wearing helmets. silly.

    • rideplus

      These guys are going with 70klm per hour and brakeless.Yeah,you think that a helmet is gonna save you…ooooooooook…

  • They’re riding brakeless. If we’re having a conversation about safety why is the first issue about helmets?

  • Mopak26

    Can’t force anyone to wear a helmet. However, Ive seen enough brain injuries to know better.

  • idratherwatcharace

    another video of dudes bombing hills….really?!

    • This looks pretty fun, what’s yer problem boy?

      • idratherwatcharace

         I’m just over watching people bomb hills and doing dumb skids. Non of these types of videos seem to have any substance to them.

  • Jason Clary

    Looked like a blast to me…

  • RiotsForFun

    In Greece we use helmets for riots =)

  • Jeremy

    Best video I’ve seen in a while. What more “substance” could you ask for?

  • ninaki

    gouamsii !