2013 Ritte Women’s Cycle Team Sponsor Book Sep 16, 2012

For 2013 Ritte is bringing something different to their line and it’s not a new bike. Their women’s team was getting tired of winning every weekend so they figured they’d make it official. Check out the 2013 Ritte women’s cycle team sponsor book above.

  • improvised incendiary devices make everything cooler

  • Ace Metric

    HA! oh Jen

  • jordan

    this is rad on many levels

  • Giro

    Maybe they can get them some brain buckets next. 

    • Aaron

      Yeah. They probably don’t already have them.

  • Mmtmatrix

    Humm, I dont know what to think, love girls one bikes (with tattoos) but this seems forced, unnatural and inorganic…

    • Adam

      ^^^ What? Reading too far way too far into this.

    • it’s a photo shoot dude… Have you never seen Ritte’s photo shoots before? ;-)

  • sandor

    I love the implied narrative: Rich women who can afford Ritte bikes and convertible luxury cars firebombing what….the poor? Yeah I know, it’s ritte humor.

    The Pasadena Athletic Association’s Women’s Team donned Ritte gear to rep them at the Rapha women’s prestige ride. How come none of them are on this Ritte team? Yeah I know, more ritte humor.

    • Guest

      Have any of them reached out to ritte? The team is new. Maybe they don’t know about it yet.

      • Sandor

         I’m an internet troll, not a journalist! (No, I don’t know if anyone reached out….Point Taken).

        • bro, your dick is so big, bro.

          • sandor

             You noticed!

    • guest

      do you know if any of those woman have reached out to ritte, and shown interest in being on the team? pretty sure the team is new, so maybe they just dont know about it yet. 

    • sandor

      I looked at it again…and I admit that I misread. The narrative is that they steal the car and set it aflame, which is a whole heck of a lot more palatable than my original misinterpretation. I know: Duh. My bad. Sorry Prolly. Feel free to erase. (And yes, I’m saving up for my first ritte, hence my resentment of those who already have one…. ;)

    • guest

       sandor, those PAA girls were invited to join the team but turned it down because the team wasn’t in a position to pay their race entries. Frankly, the Rapha Race is invitation only and PAA wasn’t invited. spots on invited teams are rare, so it’s not exactly like they did Ritte some huge favor anyway.

      • yourhavinalaff

        PAA were invited. …

  • Joshua Robot

    I came here for the hate.

  • Highway2

    They should have sprung for a better photographer. All these broads are rad and for the most part hot but these pics suck and do not do them justice

    • Myred Wheels

      I’m so curious how you would have shot them!! iPhone held up about a foot overhead and the team pouting up in sweet affection??  

  • Solar

    They need more tats & less clothes!

    • You need to learn some manners, #BRO.

      • Solar

        Huh? What was wrong with what I said. Sex sells, of all people you know that very well, don’t you!

  • Duhdoy

    If you or someone you know ‘likes’ this on Facebook, you ought to trade-in your laptop for a life. How silly and like so many elements of “racing” today, seeks the lowest common denominator. Ridiculous marketing and lame dive downwards for anything related to bikes, let alone biking. Whimsical EPO tales and tattle-tales have more gray matter.  Awesome?  Effin lame, I want my thirty-five seconds back.  

    • How about you loosen up a bit. If this bummed you out, you take yourself (and bikes) too seriously.

      I think this book does a lot to encourage women’s cycling. Do you all prefer butterflies and shit with your women’s teams? Get a life(s) and get over yourselves.

  • How can you not love seeing beautiful women in kits on bikes? Hopefully more women will be inspired to get into bikes. 

  • yourhavinalaff

    reminds me of CB4 .. http://youtu.be/3e9HZyJ759I 

  • Jackie

    Above is a bad idea, given money, cameras and internet.  Which make it amount to nothing by hype. Look at it and ask yourself, “Is this…this, is this what cycling on any level is about?”  I would fire everyone involved in that marketing campaign and all those who promote it should be drug-tested not for EPO, but for weed.  What a stoner scene. 

  • 1. post stuff
    2. read people’s comments
    3. tell people they are dumb for commenting
    4. tweet that people are being dumb on your site
    5. ???
    6. Profit (although i’m sure page views aren’t really generating too much ad revenue)

    seriously. girls are cute, it’s for a catalog, whatever. if you don’t want people saying exactly what you want them to say, turn off the commenting feature.

    • I like reading discourse, not sexist banter.

  • DBW

    Marianne Vos. Just had to post her name to add some real substance back to this whole silly ‘thing’. I read it and felt dirty, but in a bad way.  

  • This is so awesome. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  If no ones hating, you’re doing it wrong. 

  • June

    Meh and nom nom nom were invented for lame stuff above.

  • Ethan Laek

    Jen Whalen better stay away from my car!

  • Highway2

    how did kelli make her fame off of racing in LAs u nderground race scene? she has never raced a street race in her life aside from the wolfpack race. shelby is hot!!!

  • Jgueone

    actually highway2 i dont think kelli has ever won a race in the LA underground scene and i think its stupid how the catalog says that. i dont want to discredit her skills she is a great rider but has not beaten any women in the LA underground racing scene.

  • Fuck the bullshit. These chicks are rad. They can ride way harder than most people on here and can look good doing it. How can you hate on that? These girls have my respect. Also, if you’re just gonna hate instead of posting a comment of any substance, then don’t post at all. 

  • jduglas

    This is embarrassing. How “edgy” and “cool”.

    • embarrassing for you? cool! there are enough squares in this world.

  • I think it’s fantastic
    hasn’t this been all been hashed before with Liz Hatch, Cycle Passion and 4ZA?geez …

  • And BTW, the Ritte book is waaaaaaay better – girls riding bikes hard.  The 4ZA and Cycle Passion stuff is just soft-core with bikes.